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Goals for My Music Blogs

For those who may not know, besides this blog, I also have two music blogs: Tribute Tribune and Musically Reviewed. Since I want to be a music journalist, I decided to start music blogs to get my content out there. For a blog to be successful, its creator needs to think of goals to measure its success. Each of my music blogs serve a purpose, and the goals below echo my goals for them. Feel free to check them out if you’re reading this!

  1. Have my music content be visible. I want each of my blogs to have 50 followers by the end of 2016. I want a total of 200 on the posts on each blog. I want to produce content that I can include in my portfolio to show to future employers.
  2. Interact with my audience. I want readers to engage with my content by liking and commenting on my posts with positive and negative feedback. I want to discuss music with people who share a similar love.
  3. Have 100 posts on each blog by the end of 2016. I will go to as many concerts as possible and review them. I will keep an eye out for tribute band news on social media. I will posts playlists and album reviews.

Old Soul in a Digital World


“People still buy CDs?” a young friend asked in disgust. She said that she buys her music digitally, like most millenials. Me, I prefer the physical touch of a CD. I love looking at the booklet that comes with it.

I recently purchased vinyls and a turntable. There is nothing quite like the album art of Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” or Queen’s “News of the World.” Buying these digitally takes away from the artwork of the covers.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my iPod. I’ve had it for 8 years and I never leave home without it. However, I love having the CD to download onto my computer and then put it on my iPod.

I love having a CD to listen to at night as I’m falling asleep. I want to be able to listen to my CDs in the car. I want to pass my favorite classic artists’ vinyls onto future generations. I love having something physical to get signed if I see a performer live in concert.

Elton John’s “Wonderful Crazy Night”: The Epitome of Great Music


Musical icon Sir Elton John’s newest album, “Wonderful Crazy Night,” is a true testament to his musical career. It was released on February 5, 2016. This album encompasses a wide variety of songs and music styles, representing John’s talents and versatility. The music is positive, family-friendly, and dance-worthy.

Several topics are covered. From love to learning from life’s mistakes, this album is a reflection on John’s life and career throughout the years. Each of the songs reflects his feelings, which can be heard in the level of passion he sings with in each song.  He personally connects with each song, bringing the listener along for the ride of his life.

Overall, this album is amazing. The varying styles and topics covered reflect John’s vast musical and life experience and his versatile talent. This album is fun and upbeat, making it perfect for John fans, old and new. This album has something for everyone, whether you like ballads or upbeat songs.

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