Goals for My Music Blogs

For those who may not know, besides this blog, I also have two music blogs: Tribute Tribune and Musically Reviewed. Since I want to be a music journalist, I decided to start music blogs to get my content out there. For a blog to be successful, its creator needs to think of goals to measure its success. Each of my music blogs serve a purpose, and the goals below echo my goals for them. Feel free to check them out if you’re reading this!

  1. Have my music content be visible. I want each of my blogs to have 50 followers by the end of 2016. I want a total of 200 on the posts on each blog. I want to produce content that I can include in my portfolio to show to future employers.
  2. Interact with my audience. I want readers to engage with my content by liking and commenting on my posts with positive and negative feedback. I want to discuss music with people who share a similar love.
  3. Have 100 posts on each blog by the end of 2016. I will go to as many concerts as possible and review them. I will keep an eye out for tribute band news on social media. I will posts playlists and album reviews.

2 thoughts on “Goals for My Music Blogs

  1. Hi how’s it going with the Blogging course? Hope it is proving useful. I’ve only just started but am enjoying visiting everyone who has been on it recently or is still on it.


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