Friday, November 11: Day 3 of Protests Comes to Temple

A large group of people met at the bell tower around 2 pm to begin a peaceful protest. ¬†Their main goal was to join together in a fight for peace, love, and equality for all. Participants carried various signs, including signs that said “My life matters” and “Love Trumps Hate.” The group grew more and more excited as smaller groups of people filed in.

The protest was meant to be a peaceful one, but the organizer said they would stand together if violence struck. He also instructed the participants to stay on the sidewalks to avoid getting in trouble for blocking traffic. This has been an issue over the past couple of nights of protests.

The participants could be heard chanting ¬†phrases such as “My life matters” and singing songs that mean something to them and the protest. The marchers had an opportunity to share songs that were relevant.