Best Versions of “Scorn Not His Simplicity”

I want to thank MrsAngieFrantz for suggesting a topic for this post! I had fun listening to various version of this song!

Phil Coulter

Phil Coulter is the composer of this song. He wrote it about his son who has Down’s Syndrome. This song has a personal connection, and it is evident.

Paul Byrom

Paul Byrom is married to Phil Coulter’s daughter. He sings this song with sincerity and passion, both on the recording and live in concert.

Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O’Connor sings this with such a passion. It is evident that she cares about what she is singing.

Simon Casey

Simon Casey’s smooth and beautiful voice adds to the powerful emotion behind this song. He sings with love and solidarity about the subject matter of the song.

Chris Kavanagh and the Dubliners

This song is a lovely rendition of the song. Kavanagh pays tribute to Phil Coulter and what the song is about.


One thought on “Best Versions of “Scorn Not His Simplicity”

  1. Very Beautiful song! I like the joys and struggles the mom has to face, yet in his simplicity he is truly a gift. A very good piece of music! Good Job!


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