On June 27, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, forcing states to allow these couples to get marriage licenses. While this sounds good to most people, there are some who, in many cases disrespectfully, disagree with this ruling. This ruling, however, goes along with what our nation believes in, and it is a great step forward for freedom and equality for all, no exceptions.

Many people oppose this ruling on the premise that it is against the Bible. However, our country has no set religion. We are a nation that takes pride in the separation of church and state. Not everyone in our nation is a Christian, so those who do not believe in Christianity do not need to focus on what the Bible teaches, just as Christians do not follow, say, the Quran.

As someone who is a Christian, however, I disagree with the premise that the Bible preaches against homosexuality. It comes down to looking at the historical context of what the practice of homosexuality was back in the day. Back in the times that the Bible was written, there was no identification of being straight, gay, etc., so men would marry wives, but then have sexual relations with other men, which is where the “problem” is. Today’s definition, and the definition upheld by the Supreme Court, is a man loving a man or a woman loving a woman, in the same way that is “typically” thought of a woman loving a man and a man loving a woman.

There are also arguments pertaining to the institution of marriage being solely for the purpose of having children. However, there are married couples who are unable to have children due to issues such as infertility. Many couples choose to adopt for a bounty of reasons, which is a good thing because there are so many children who deserve a permanent family who are in orphanages or in the foster care system.  Are parents who choose to adopt as opposed to having children with their own bodies sinful for this? Of course not! The same thing goes for same-sex marriage.

There are other arguments against same-sex marriage, but these seem to be the most prominent ones (at least from what I have seen). Same-sex marriage has been legalized, but it by no means that everybody is being forced to get one. It just means that those who are homosexual now have the freedom to marry who they wish that heterosexual people have. After all, that is what our nation is founded on: freedom for all, no matter what.

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