Birthday 2016

Today is my 24th birthday! Woohoo! 23 was rough, but it had many amazing moments. Let me reflect on the 23 best moments of this past year!

  1. Met Kunal Nayyar.
  2. Saw Wolf Blitzer speak at Temple University.
  3. Saw David Axelrod speak at Temple University.
  4. Almost Queen concert.
  5. Published several articles.
  6. First Letter to the Editor in theĀ Rolling Stone.
  7. Went to Rittenhouse Square.
  8. Went to the Hard Rock Cafe for the first time.
  9. Made Dean’s List at Temple for the first time.
  10. Saw City Hall’s Christmas tree.
  11. Went to the Plough and the Stars.
  12. Saw Keith Harkin in concert twice and met him.
  13. Went to Painting with a Twist.
  14. Went to Movie Tavern.
  15. Got published in Hyphen Literary Magazine.
  16. Won the Get InVOLved award from work.
  17. Learned new skills at work.
  18. Went to the Michener Museum.
  19. Walked around Doylestown.
  20. Saw Re-Creation in concert.
  21. Helped form Temple’s Owl Speech Writing Club.
  22. Helped form church’s technology committee.
  23. Elected to Consistory at church.

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