Things that Anger Me (And What I’m Doing to Change Them)

  • Poverty: I hate that poverty, homelessness, and hunger exist in this world. It saddens me that so many go to bed hungry while others have the luxury of throwing out food they did not even eat. I participate in my local Crop Hunger walk every year. Also, I do the free clicks on the Greater Good website that seeks to provide food to those in need globally. I also answer trivia on, a site that provides grains of rice to those in need for each answer that is correct.
  • Illiteracy: I believe that literacy and education are the keys to solving many of the world’s problem. However, so many people are not able to be literate for any number of reasons. I am focused on providing education on many things on my blog, including HIV/AIDS. Also, I do the free clicks on Greater Good that provide books to those in need both nationally and internationally.
  • Veterans are underappreciated: Our military and veterans have sacrificed so much for us. So many times, however, people take their freedoms for granted, forgetting the hard work and sacrifices that have gone into making these freedoms possible. I make sure I thank each veteran and current military personnel that I come in contact with. Also, I donate points from My Coke Rewards to the USO.
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