Motivation from Above

I was working on getting my miles in a month or so ago. Anyone who has been following my 2029-mile journey knows that I am walking to raise money for Mercury Phoenix Trust, an organization started by friends and family of Freddie Mercury after he died from complications brought on by AIDS. I was walking on a slippery surface with socks on and I almost fell. I should have fallen, but something caught me. Maybe it was my hand hitting a table, or maybe it was an angel from God. I was in tears, wanting to give up, even though I was so close. Something in me, a voice in my head, told me to switch music stations on TV. Suddenly, I heard the line “I want to ride my bicycle.”

A few weeks later, I was once again trying to get miles in. I was walking, but I did not feel like getting my goal of 5 miles. I had a long day, and was emotionally tired. I was listening to a music station on TV when I heard the beginning snaps of “Killer Queen.” Freddie has, once again, done something through God to motivate me to keep pushing and to keep fighting for these miles and an end to his killer.


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