Living Room

Music blares from my laptop.

People wander through the halls.

Doors open and close.

Cars pass by.

Two lights dangle from the ceiling.

Chairs and a couch lounge around.

A card table squeaks.

Candles adorn this space.

A bookshelf gives off a smart feel.

Pictures line the walls.

Various noises around the house trickle in.

Record players have been silenced.

A blanket drapes the couch.

Pillows lounge on the chairs and couch.

Curtains disguise a portion of the large window.

A phone reclines beside me.

CDs are stacked in their holder.

The door to the outside world is closed.

I am alone.

Only one light illuminates my space.

The opening to the kitchen houses various objects.

I hear a truck.

Turtle statue eyes are watching me.

Shadows of trees appear through the window.

I call out for my brother in the other room.

The window reflects the kitchen lights.

Objects speed by in the window.

An end table is folded up in the corner.

Notebooks are piled on the card table.

My soda can is shiny.

Footsteps pass.

Voices discuss.

An old clock keeps no time.

Guardian turtle.

Noises wander in from the kitchen.

Laptop needs to be charged.

One vision.

Freddie Mercury’s voice resounds.

My fingers glide on the keyboard.

Fried chicken.

Without you.



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