Love Letter to Myself


Dear Ashley,

I am so proud of you. You have overcome so much over the past few years. Not only have you survived your worst days, you thrived and flourished through them. You have made The Christian Owl into a successful blog and you are working to make Tribute Tribune as successful. You have gotten 2 A’s and 2 A-‘s this past semester, which also puts you at Dean’s List. You have received so many badges and certificates from WordPress, FitBit, Udemy, and other places to show how hard you are working and everything that you are doing. Your portfolio site is impressive, filled with achievements and loads of writing samples.

You are so kind and caring. You collect Coke caps to save points for the USO. You are on a journey of 2029 miles to raise money for and awareness of Mercury Phoenix Trust to end HIV/AIDS worldwide. You have served meals to those in need in the North Penn community and in Philadelphia. You do the Hero and Crop walks to raise money for very worthy causes.

On those days that you feel like you have not accomplished anything, remember that you HAVE accomplished SO MUCH. Remember that you are working so hard to make a great future for yourself. Also remember that God loves you, even if you do not accomplish everything the world tells you that you should. Remember that your favorite band thinks you’re amazing.




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