Bricks: Serving Those in Need


For the past couple years, I’ve had the privilege to serve those in need at Old First Reformed Church in Philadelphia, PA. This church has a shelter for a group of homeless men who need a place to stay out of the cold. One evening each year, my church cooks a meal and serves it to these gentlemen. We also get to eat with them to talk to and love on them.

The two times I have done this has been incredible. I feel like I am making a difference, even if it just a small one. I can see the impact of a group of people not going hungry for a night. I have developed closer relationships to those I have served with from my church. I have used skills that I never knew I had to make someone else smile. There is no greater feeling than to be able to bless someone else.

My challenge to you is to do something to help and bless someone in need. Whether it’s serving a meal to those in need or just comforting a hurting stranger, it will positively impact your life as well.

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