Quote Reflections: Freddie Mercury

“When I’m dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.”  Freddie Mercury

This was Freddie Mercury’s wish, and I can definitely say that his wish has been fulfilled. His lyrics have touched so many lives, such as mine. His music had a message behind it. “Radio Gaga” is how Lady Gaga came up with her stage name. Not only was his music substantial, his life was as well. One of his hopes was that HIV/AIDS would end, and there is a charity named after him that was started by his family to do just that. His birthday is celebrated with this goal in mind as well. A Queen tribute band,  Almost Queen, donates proceeds from their merchandise to Mercury Phoenix Trust and they hold a huge concert every year on Freddie’s birthday, which also raises money for MPT. For these reasons and several more, Freddie’s wish has come true. It is my hope that others see this too.

3 thoughts on “Quote Reflections: Freddie Mercury

  1. Truly a master of his craft. He worked until the end. “The Show Must Go On” is incredible piece to be his swan song. I’m very thankful I got to see him perform.


      1. There are Utube videos. They’re not concert hall stuff. The amazing part of queen was that they made some many different types of music on different albums. The range they all had was incredible


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