1 Picture=500 Words

Photo credit: WordPress

City dwellers and visitors rush through Grand Central Station in New York City, New York, United States of America. This station is one of the most popular stations in the nation, attracting tourists and New York City residents alike.

But is this station truly in New York City? Who knows! This could be 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It could be any station anywhere in the United States of America. They are all busy and chaotic.

Dark figures that are people stand out from the dreary walls and floors. People are rushing about in dark blurs as others stand around, looking at their phones. Such a comment on society! People are leaning against walls and against the railings surrounding the clock.

The time is kept by a clock in the center of the room. Its golden color is reflecting the light, catching one’s eye against the dark colors of people’s clothing. A few people are wearing red clothes, making them noticeable against those wearing black clothing.

There are a few groups of people, but the rest of the people appear to be alone. Do the people in the groups know each other, or did they just meet? Are those who are alone really there alone, or are they meeting up with someone?

Who are all of these people? Doctors. Lawyers. Musicians. Actors. Artists. Journalists. Sons and daughters. Aunts and Uncles. Moms and dads. Godparents. Grandparents. Nieces and nephews. Cousins.

Why are there people rushing? Did they arrive late for their train? Do they have to use the restroom? Was there some kind of emergency in the station? Are they running to attend a meeting or get to their hotel to check in on time?

Where are people going? Are they going to another location in the city, or are they going across the country? Are they travelling for their jobs or are they travelling for their personal pleasure? Or are they travelling to escape their current life to make a new one?

Why are there people standing around? Are they waiting for someone the know or love to come in on the next train? Are they early for their next train? Are they homeless, seeking warmth and shelter from the cold?

What is the weather like outside? It must be chilly out since people have coats on. Some of the jackets look heavy, meaning it is late fall or early winter. It is at least sunny out, so that helps a bit.

Where does the hallway on the left lead? How about the door on the right? Or the two staircases ahead? Where are the trains? Is this large, square room and entrance and exit, or just a passageway?

What does the screen on the right say? What does the black board on the left have on it? Are those cube-like things on the left ticket booths? Where does one get a schedule? Are there maps anywhere for people to figure out where they are going?

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