Playlist: Underestimate

-“Never Underestimate a Girl,” Vanessa Hudgens: Women are constantly being underestimated, though, thankfully, it is getting a bit better. Women can do (and do) so much for our world and have so many amazing accomplishments.

-“Perfect,” Pink: As humans, we are not perfect. We make mistakes and we have flaws. We underestimate our own capabilities sometimes and this song is about how even in our imperfections, there is someone who thinks we’re perfect.

-“Underdog,” Jonas Brothers: This song is about a girl next door who appears to have it all together, but is secretly falling apart. She is an underdog and people underestimate what she is going through.

-“Stronger,” Kelly Clarkson: This song is about defeating the odds and being stronger than someone expects you to be. People have the tendency to underestimate someone’s strength and capabilities, but this song is about rising above the doubters.

-“Pushing Back the Dark,” Josh Wilson: This song is about Christians being able to fight the darkness in the world with God’s help. God is so much stronger than anyone or anything, and we cannot underestimate His abilities.

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