Playlist: Survival


-“Survivor,” Destiny’s Child: This song takes me back to my childhood! I remember hearing it on Olympic Day at my elementary school! It is a song of fighting on and not letting anything defeat you.

-“Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor: This song is such a motivational song! It is about fighting to reach your goal and not giving up until you get there. On a personal level, this song has encouraged me through some difficult times.

-“Don’t Stop Me Now,” Queen: This is one of my favorite songs, personally. It is motivational. It inspires me to keep going in life and to keep doing what I’m doing so that I can accomplish my goals and dreams.

-“The Warrior,” Scandal: I remember the first time I heard this song. It was such an encouragement! The lyrics are powerful and the vocals are strong. The singer is affirming that she is a warrior, strong and fierce.

-“I Will Survive,” Gloria Gaynor: This song is about surviving your most difficult circumstance. While it appears to be about a breakup, this song can be interpreted in any kind of situation.

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