Playlist: Generation


“The Old Man,” Celtic Thunder: This song talks about the relationship between a father and a son. The father passed away and the son is reflecting on the lessons his father taught him.

“My Generation,” The Who: This song is a song about breaking stereotypes that older generations place on younger generations. It stands the test of time because every generation feels judge by the generation that came before them.

“Slipping Through My Fingers,” Abba: This song is about a mother watching her daughter grow up. It reflects on their experiences together and things the mother wishes had gone differently.

“Mother’s Child,” Adam Pascal: This song is a darker look at a mother-son relationship. It appears to be about a mother who is too controlling over her child. It may also be a look at Postpartum Depression.

“My Father’s Son,” The Tenors: This song is reflecting on a deceased father’s life and the lessons he taught. His father’s wisdom, love, and strength helped him become who he is today. He is still influenced by his father to this day.

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