Playlist: Diverse


-“Mull of Kintyre,” Celtic Thunder: This song talks about a beautiful place located in the north of Scotland. Northern Ireland can be seen from this place. It is scenic and beautiful. The song depicts this clearly, making the listener feel like they are really there.

-“Time to Say Goodbye,” Andrea Bocelli: This is a song of parting with someone you love. The singer is in-tune with the feelings of what the song is about. It is a passionate song, full of emotion. This song is Italian.

-“Headlong,” Queen: This song is a lesser-known Queen song. Queen is a British rock band that was popular in the eighties and are still famous today. This song is about rushing into goals, but also making your life better.

-“Waterloo,” Abba: This song is by the Swedish band, Abba. It is about falling in love with someone you did not intend to. The person did not want to succumb to a romance with someone, but it happened anyways.

“Undiscovered,” Adam Pascal: This song is by American actor and musician Adam Pascal. This song is a song of innocence and beauty. It is about a girl who in inexperienced in love, but she can show you the way and teach you things that you may not know.

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