Playlist: Songs for Chaotic Times


-“Headlong,” Queen: This song is about staying tough during chaotic times in order to accomplish your goal. It looks at what a person’s life used to be and how far they have come.

-“Stronger,” Kelly Clarkson: This song is about the trials of life making you stronger. When things get tough and crazy, your ability to stand firm is what makes you strong. Overcoming trials makes you a stronger person.

-“Hakuna Matata,” The Lion King: This playful song is about staying relaxed and not worrying about things that come your way. It is about rolling with whatever trials that come your way.

-“Now We Are Free,” Keith Harkin/Celtic Thunder: This song is a beautiful and relazing song. It is a song of hope and faith, crying out for Jesus’ help in times of trial and chaos. Faith is strengthened when things are tough.

-“Move Along,” The All-American Rejects: This song is about moving forward and staying strong when life gets crazy. You are strong, and this inner strength will help you overcome any obstacle in your path.

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