Playlist: Sacrifice

-“Sacrifice,” Big Daddy Weave: This song is about giving your life to God as a sacrifice for all He has done for you. He gave his Son, so we give our all to Him out of praise and thanksgiving.

-“I Drive Your Truck,” Lee Brice: This is a song about someone in the military who was killed in action. It talks about how his family, his brother in particular, copes by driving his truck. While the military makes sacrifices, so does their family members.

-“Lamb of God,” Twila Paris: One of Jesus’ many names is Lamb of God. He was perfect, which is why God sacrificed Him on the cross for our sins. Nothing humans can sacrifice will do.

-“Jesus Saves,” Jeremy Camp: This song is a praise song of Jesus saving our lives for eternity. He sacrificed His life so that we can spend eternity in Heaven with Him and God. This causes us to celebrate.

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