Playlist: From The Shadows


-“Shadows Dancing,” Celtic Thunder: This song is from Celtic Thunder’s Storm. It is based on Phil Coulter’s song, “Coultergeist.” The tone of the song is dark and mysterious. Par of the lyrics are whispered. The singer is trying to lure her love interest in.

-“Standing in the Shadows of Love,” Hall and Oates: This is a cover of the Motown classic done by The Four Tops. While it holds to the original, it is still unique to Hall and Oates’ voices and style.

-“Me and my Shadow,” Paul Byrom and Damian McGinty: This song is featured on Paul Byrom’s PBS concert. It is fun and playful.  Byrom and McGinty demonstrate that they have a great relationship to play off each other.

-“Shadows of the Night,” Pat Benatar: This song is a romantic song. The singer is trying to get her significant other to open up and not be afraid of where their love is going. She tries to convince her SO that she’s different than previous love relationships.

-“Shadows,” Tenth Avenue North: This song is a contemporary Christian song. The singer talks about how we are born with longings to be popular/famous/rich/etc., both these things are not worth it. Only chasing God’s plans will give us fulfillment.

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