Playlist: Songs of Hope


-“Breakthrough,” Hope 7: This song is a feel-good song about breaking free from negative people. It talks about having the power to make your life better and accomplish your hopes and dreams. Each person has the ability to tune out people who say that you can’t do something.

-“I Hope That’s Me,” Brad Paisley: This song is a medium-paced love song. It talks about wanting to spend the rest of your life with a significant other. The lyrics provide a list of things the person wants to do for the one he loves to help. The singer pictures each “task” and envisions him with his significant other.

-“Inscription of Hope,” Spivey Hall Children’s Choir: The lyrics of this song were written on the wall of a cellar in Germany where Jews were hiding from the Nazis in World War II. Even in such a hard time, they had hope that God would deliver them from their trials. They couldn’t see relief, but they knew and believed it would come.

-“Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears,” Celtic Thunder: This song tells the story of Annie Moore, the first person from Ireland to cross into Ireland. She was only a child, and this song talks about imagining what it must have been like for her to leave behind what she knew and come into a whole new land.

-“Land of Hopes and Dreams,” Bruce Springsteen: This song is about moving away from a town that held you back and moving to a place where your dreams can come true. The only thing that is giving you hope in the unknown is the hope that your dreams will come true.  The singer has hope and faith for his future in the new land.

-“Only Hope,” Mandy Moore: This song is from the movie, “A Walk to Remember.” In the movie, Jamie, the lead female character, is the daughter of a minister and has leukemia. She believes that love and faith may not be visible, but they can be felt and they are very real things.

-“Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down),” Robbie Seay Band: This song is a cry for the Holy Spirit to come down. It acknowledges that God is wise, beautiful, and wonderful. The singer longs for God’s presence to be known all around. Knowing that God is close by gives hope to those who believe.

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