Hall and Oates Songs Featuring John Oates

Today is singer and songwriter John Oates’ birthday! Happy birthday, John! In celebration of this occasion, here is a list of the top 5 John solos of Hall and Oates. While these gems are lesser known, they are worthy of being recognized. These songs represent a variety of styles, which speaks to Oates’ versatile voice. This list is a ranking of the songs Oates was featured on from best to otherwise, but all of these songs are amazing and have meaning. The first 3 speak to issues in society.

  1. Love in a Dangerous Time
  2. Possession Obsession
  3. Keep On Pushin’ Love
  4. Had I known You Better Then
  5. Back Together Again
  6. Bebop Drop
  7. How Does It Feel To Be Back
  8. Crazy Eyes

Let me know if I missed any and I’ll add them!

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