Concert Review: Keith Harkin

On March 15, 2016, Keith Harkin, of Celtic Thunder fame, brought his On Mercy Street tour to the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia.

This was his 5th anniversary of the first time he played at this venue. People waited in line for hours to see the sold out show. VIP ticket holders had the chance to meet Harkin before the concert. A merchandise table was set up with t-shirts, posters, wristbands, and Harkin’s latest album, “On Mercy Street.”

Before Harkin played, David Patten opened. He played several cover songs and got the crowd excited. His set ended and a half hour passed before Harkin came on, which was the only downside of the concert.

Harkin played a wide variety of music, from songs he did with Celtic Thunder to music from his latest album. He was engaged the audience well and was conversational between songs. He was comfortable on stage and took presence over the whole venue. His voice was powerful yet soothing.

Overall, it was a great concert and a fun night for all in attendance. The show had something for everyone to enjoy.

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