Movie Review: The Danish Girl

“The Danish Girl,” starring Eddie Redmayne, tells the story of the first transgender operation. It shows the struggle and stigma of being transgender back then, and it relates to the stigma that still exists today, unfortunately.

This movie came out at a perfect time. With Caitlyn Jenner receiving mixed reactions and murders of transgender people across the country, this movie dispels the stigma and stereotypes that often arise. Every person should see this movie at some point, although it is not necessarily appropriate for younger audiences (brief nudity, etc.).

This movie was emotional. It showed all aspects of Lili becoming Lili and the struggles she faced. It showed Lili being beaten for how she dressed before the surgery. It showed various doctors saying that Einar was crazy for thinking “he” was a woman on the inside.

Thankfully, medical technology has advanced since the first transgender surgery and that the stigma is starting to be eradicated thanks to more public figures taking action. More doctors are accepting of the transgender community and people are more understanding.

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