Josh Groban’s newest album, “Stages,” was certified gold at a show this weekend(October 19, 2015), the singer said on his Facebook page.

“Stages,” which was released on April 28, 2015, is an album comprised solely of show tunes. This was a fitting move for Groban, whose first influences were the theatre. The songs he chose for the album were personal for him, and it is easy to hear this in the emotion he puts into each song on the album.

Each song on this album shows off his voice perfectly. This album demonstrates how his voice has grown, matured and strengthened over the years, making this his best album to date. Each song that is sung is a completely different style from very different shows, which shows off the versatility in Groban’s voice.

The most important thing about singing show tunes is being able to convey the stories and characters behind each song. Groban, having a background in growing up with Broadway, is familiar with these aspects, and it shows. He poignantly conveys the emotion of each song to the listeners, allowing the listeners to empathize with the character behind the song and to be able to relate to the story of the song.

Being able to switch between each song and do each character and justice that Groban does them takes tremendous talent, and Groban does this so seamlessly and effortlessly. This album is easily his best album in terms of vocals and the audience’s ability to relate to the songs (not that other albums by Groban were not relatable). The listeners recognize show tunes and may have their own memories of how they know the songs. Songs like “Pure Imagination” bring a sense of wonder to the listeners, reminding them of their childhood.

Overall, this album is stunning and beautiful. It is worthy of gold certification as well as any other recognition it may receive and has received.


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