Facebook Writing Challenge

A friend posted a writing challenge on Facebook that she saw on her newsfeed. I thought I’d give it a shot here! I’m going to post it all on one post, even though it is multiple days (30). I’ll number and date each “entry.”

  • Day 1 (10/21/15): Five Problems with Social Media
    • It’s distracting. Whether you’re on Facebook while you’re supposed to be working on homework or checking Twitter on your office computer, the large amount of information that social media provides takes us away from what we’re supposed to be doing at a given time.
    • Face-to-face social skills are decreasing. Many people are finding it easier to send a Tweet, message, or email to someone rather than taking the time out to go visit them or grab coffee. We are becoming more self-absorbed, and social media isn’t helping. While it may appear that we are more connected, we may not take the time to get to know the person next to us on the train.
    • It can lead to mental health problems. Seeing others be more successful can take a toll on your emotions. You may have had a different road and had a few obstacles to overcome, but seeing someone posting pictures of an award they won can make you feel worthless. Seeing people graduate, be in relationships, or post a stunning picture of themselves can make you feel inferior, which may lead to depression.
    • We aren’t as informed about the world as we think. With the vast of amount of information at our fingertips, we are able to pick and choose what we see based on interests and views, among other things. We may know a lot about one thing, but nothing about everything else. If we disagree with a person’s views, all we do is hit the “unfriend” or “unfollow” button. We can customize our newsfeeds with information we want to know about.
    • We become self-absorbed. We love telling our “friends” about the movie we just saw. We feel like our followers NEED to see a picture of the hot dog we just ate. While sites such as LinkedIn and other professional social media sites are geared to show off our accomplishments, we often take these to Facebook to share with our friends and we thrive off the need to have 100 likes and comments on each post.
  • Day 2 (10/22/15): My Earliest Memory
    • My earliest memory was when I was flying home from Florida six weeks after I was born. I remember looking out the airplane window and seeing a field and trees, I guess as we were landing or getting ready to land. It is an image that is ingrained in my mind. I loved seeing the beauty of nature in the place I would now call my home.
  • Day 3 (10/23/15): Love
    • Today’s post was supposed to be about my first love and my first kiss, but I don’t feel like this is the platform to discuss this. In lieu of said post, I’ll post a list of 5 things I love and why (in no particular order.
      • Philadelphia: While I live an hour outside the city, Philly still feels like home, probably because I go to school at Temple, so I spend a lot of time in the city. I love the culture and history of the city. My earliest memories of being in Philadelphia include many visits with my family.
      • Temple University: I go to school here and it has been nothing short of an amazing experience! I have learned so much and have become so independent. The food is AMAZING (Richie’s cheese steaks are the best in the city, don’t listen to the debate of Pat’s vs. Geno’s). I have met so many inspiring people who have pushed me to be better. I will be sad when I graduate, but I will be proud to be among the likes of Bob Saget (of Full House fame), Daryl Hall and John Oates (greatest musicians of all of time), and (Kunal Nayyar (Raj on The Big Bang Theory).
      • Montgomery County Community College: I started my college career at my local community college, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I got my A.A. in Music, and I got to meet so many unique and talented people. Some of my best friendships were formed there. After high school, I don’t think, in retrospect, I would have been ready to jump right into Temple, and Montco was an awesome stepping stone for me to become more prepared.
      • The Big Bang Theory: This show is my all-time favorite show. The script is very well written and the actors/actresses are so talented (not to mention down-to-earth). This show never ceases to make me laugh hysterically and make me happy when I have a bad day. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this show.
      • God: God has blessed me beyond words. He saved me by sending Jesus to die on the cross for me, of all people. He is so loving and caring. He has provided so much for me in my life. I may not always get everything I want, but He makes sure I have what I need. God gives me strength to press on when things get tough and loves me at my worst. I have no idea where I would be without His love and guidance, but I certainly do not wish to find out.
    • Day 4 (10/24/15): 10 Interesting Facts About Me
      • 1. I was born in Florida
      • 2. I met Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj on the Big Bang Theory, at my school.
      • 3. I am a Temple University journalism major.
      • 4. I am the youngest person in my church choir.
      • 5. In my free time, I make jewelry.
      • 6. I write poetry.
      • 7. I am a Christian.
      • 8. I am part of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the Golden Key International Honour Society.
      • 9. I have my A.A. in Music from Montgomery County Community College.
      • 10. My goal is to be a music journalist working in New York (Rolling Stone anyone?).
    • Day 5 (10/25/15): A Place I’d Live But Haven’t Visited
      • I’d live in Los Angeles. They have a lot of music and culture out there, so my journalism career would thrive. I’d live to at least cover a few stories out there, even if I don’t permanently live out there (I hear is pretty expensive).  The culture of that city fascinates me.
    • Day 6 (10/26/15): Someone Who Fascinates Me
      • I am fascinated by the journalists at Mental_Floss magazine. They are all so intelligent and their articles are so well written. As a whole, they know a lot about a lot, and I have yet to find any grammatical errors in their articles. I hope to work for them someday because they write about a lot of things I am interested in.
    • Day 7 (10/27/15): My Tattoos
      • I don’t have any tattoos. If I were to get a tattoo, it would be a cross, because my faith is so important to me. If I were to get multiple, I’d get an owl. I’d want them in a place where they can be covered up in case my job does not allow for visible tatoos, but visible with short sleeves.
    • Day 8 (10/28/15): Books
      • I loved Kunal Nayyar’s “Yes, My Accent Is Real.” It was so witty and funny. It was written in the way that I think, which tends to be sarcastic. He learned a lot from his life experiences, and he shares them with his readers
      • I did not like Life of Pi. I read it in middle school for my required summer reading. I couldn’t get into it for some reason. It didn’t make any sense to me. I thought it was bizarre (and it was). I look back at reading it and I still feel the despise for the book.
    • Day 9 (10/29/15): My Thoughts on Ageism
      • I believe that ageism is an issue in our country. We think that kids, teenagers, and young adults are not capable of making decisions or doing anything productive. However, if a young person has a desire to do something to change the world, we should encourage and help them in their endeavors.
      • On the opposite end of the spectrum, we deem senior citizens to be fragile and done with their lives. We believe that they have done what they need to do with their lives, but, in reality, they have a lot of life left in them and are capable of doing what they want unless they have debilitating health issues.
      • We need to work to end ageism and show people of all ages that they can do anything they set their minds to. Every person is worthy of achieving their dreams and goals, regardless of age.
    • Day 10 (10/30/15): A Fruit I Dislike
      • I HATE grapefruit. It is such a sour fruit and I can’t stand it. I have tried putting sugar on it, but that does not help with the bitter taste at all. I really did want to like it, but I physically cannot, no matter what I do to try to make the taste less bitter and sour.
    • Day 11 (10/31/15): My Current Relationship Status
      • I am currently single and enjoying it. I am focused on college and my career right now. If someone were to pop into my life, I would not be against a relationship, but it is not a top priority in my life right now. It is in God’s hands ultimately. He will make it happen when it is meant to happen. For now, I am focused on becoming the person He wants me to be, and I am not going to make it a top priority in my life. Being in a relationship does not define me as a person.
    • Day 12 (11/1/15): Two Words/Phrases That Make Me Laugh
      • Super Duper
      • Lounge Lizard
    • Day 13 (11/2/15): My Commute to School
      • I take the 7:48 train to my school and the 4:25 from school. I usually see the same people every day. The conductors switch every few months (which is a pain in the rear). I love seeing the city skyline from the train. Also, I can see the practice football field and occasionally can see the team practice.
    • Day 14 (11/3/15): My Life in 7 Years
      • I see myself having a full-time magazine journalism job. I am living in an apartment with my best friends, saving up to live in New York City because I have paid off my student loans. I have my driver’s license and am driving a Ford Focus.
    • Day 15 (11/4/15): Pet Peeves
      • People whose bags take up an entire seat on a train, forcing people to stand.
      • Bad grammar/spelling issues
      • People who think they are better than everyone else
    • Day 16 (11/5/15): My Entire Day
      • Woke up
      • Went to the bathroom and took my retainers out
      • Ate breakfast
      • Got changed and brushed teeth
      • Went to the train station and waited for my train
      • Took my train to school
      • Walked to a building
      • Did work on the computer
      • Went to class and took a test
      • Got lunch
      • Got interviewed for a class project
      • Went to my next class
      • Did computer work
      • Grabbed a soda
      • Took train home
      • Ate dinner
      • Did Econ homework
      • Watched Big Bang Theory
      • Had company over
      • Shower
      • Lynda.com course
      • Brushed teeth
      • Went to bed
    • Day 17 (11/6/15):  My Favorite Color
      • My favorite color is red. It looks really good on (or so I have been told). It is also the color of Montgomery County Community College and Temple University, both colleges/universities I attended. Gryffindor, the Hogwarts house from Harry Potter, has red and gold as its colors. Red is the color of a lot of things I love. 
    • Day 18 (11/7/15): A Quote I Try to Live By
      • A quote I try to live by is “If it happens good. If not, even better.” If something works out, it was meant to. If not, God is either protecting me from something harmful that I thought was good or has something better planned for me. I try to keep this quote in mind when things do not happen the way I think they should or if an opportunity falls through.
    • Day 19 (11/8/15): My biggest fears
      • Spiders
      • Bugs
      • Heights
      • Train derailments
      • Being robbed
    • Day 20 (11/9/15): Pandora Shuffle
      • I put my Pandora on shuffle and these are my thoughts on the first 3 songs that play:
        • Paul Byrom, “I Will Love You”: This song is absolutely gorgeous. He has a great voice, and this song captures it so well. I hope to have the chance to see him in concert soon!
        • Teatro, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”: I have not heard this song in WAY too long, even though I have the CD. This is my favorite version of this Disney classic. I remember getting to see Jeremiah James (one of the members of the group) in concert in Ocean City.
        • Enya, “China Roses”: I have never heard this song before. This is beautiful! It is transporting me to another place. The intervals remind me of her song “Only Time,” which is my favorite song that she does.
    • Day 21 (11/10/15): My Zodiac
      • I am a Virgo. That being said, I do not agree with the Zodiac/horoscope thing. I do not believe that my destiny is dictated by the stars. I do, however, believe that the Creator of those stars holds my destiny, and He works everything out in my life.
    • Day 22 (11/11/15): My Morning Routine
      • I wake up, usually between 6:15 and 6:30. The I take my retainers out and use the restroom. I then eat breakfast, get dressed, and brush my teeth. From there, I go to the train station and begin my day!
    • Day 23 (11/12/15): A Family Member I Dislike
      • I cannot think of a family member I do not like. Family is really important to me and I love mine. While they get under my skin sometimes, my family is pretty cool for the most part.
    • Day 24 (11/13/15): Something I Miss
      • I miss my friends from Montgomery County Community College. I keep having dreams that I get to see them and I hug them in my dreams. It is weird, but I miss having them to talk to at school. However, I know that I will get to see them over Thanksgiving break.
    • Day 25 (11/14/15): My Weird Traits
      • I HAVE to listen to music to fall asleep.
      • I have multiple planners.
      • My music tastes range from country music to Christian music and everywhere in between.
      • I can’t focus on doing work without some kind of music in the background.
    • Day 26 (11/15/15): Things I’d Say To An Ex
      • Hi. How are you? What have you been up to? (Just general small talk, really).
    • Day 27 (11/16/15): What I Wore Today
      • I wore jeans and my long-sleeved Iron Pigs t-shirt.
    • Day 28 (11/17/15): A Word or Phrase I say Constantly
      • I say “It’s all good” way more than I’d care to admit.
    • Day 29 (11/18/15): The Night of my 21st Birthday
      • I spent the night of my 21st birthday with a college-aged group of Christians. I remember everything clearly and did not get drunk or anything.
    • Day 30 (11/19/15): One Thing I Am Excited For
      • I am excited for the Almost Queen concert on the 28th. They are amazing and so much fun!

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