This book was one of the most engaging, not to mention hilarious, books I have read to date! I found myself chuckling at the subtle sarcasm that came with Nayyar’s comments on his past. While it was mostly funny, there were some heartfelt remembrances of past events and life lessons thrown into the mix. His writing seamlessly flowed from one event to another. Though the book was written as a collection of essays, the book read more like a chapter book, with each essay flowing out of the previous. His thoughts that were written on an aeoplane napkin were clever yet insightful. It felt like he was talking directly to the readers.

I finished the book in 5 days. I have never read a book that quickly, especially since I’m a student. I was sad when I finished it. I felt like I was chatting with an old friend and the end of the book ended our parting, not knowing when you would meet again. This is the true mark of a good book. The book, overall, was cleverly worded with subtle sarcasm and jokes. His reminiscing of his past was filled with “I should have done it this way,” making his readers able to relate to him.


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